Blazer M3

Blazer M2/M3 Competition winches were awarded the Taiwan Excellence 2021.
  • Triple 8.0 hp 12V series wound motors for the ultimate in power and high speed line pull.
  • Three submersible sealed contactors w/silver-alloy contact pads for proven reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Rugged 3 stage spur gear train for maximum durability in competition use.
  • Dual braking system includes ratchet brake inside the gear box cover and air actuated brakes at each motor.
  • Air actuated clutch for driver controlled free spool allowing rapid rope pay-out.
  • Can be converted to the 2 motor M2 for various competition conditions.
  • Long drum version available to hold up to 60m (197ft) of rope.
  • Retrieval speed of up to 73 mpm (239.5 fpm).
  • Standard 33.6:1 gear ratio with optional 28:1 and 41.5:1 gear sets available.