Wolf 12.0

12,000 lb Electric Worm Gear Winch
  • Robust, extreme heavy duty worm drive
  • Heavy duty series wound motor for high torque output and fast line speed under extreme operating condition.
  • Detachable weather-resistant control box mounted elsewhere on the vehicle.
  • 2 stages spur gears plus 1 exceptionally strong worm gear for reversing protection.
  • Irreversible worm gear brake as well as an auxiliary mechanism ratchet wheel brake performs instant braking and free slip.
  • Mechanism lever clutch for rapid wire rope payout.
  • Heavy duty sealed contactor gives better water resistance and lower amp. draw.
  • Higher D/d ratio (Drum dia./rope dia.) allows light commercial applications of car transporter, wrecker, tractor, lorry and fire/rescue engine.
  • Meets SAE J706, CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and REMSA Standards.