Purpose Built For Mobile Vehicle Crane Hoist
    The COMEUP DH-series hoist offers a fresh perspective for mobile vehicle crane hoist - hoists rigorously design for mobile crane operators. The drum and cable system delivers maximum speed from the very top layer. DH-series hoist is rated at their top layer of wire rope on the drum, 25% ED duty cycle and maximum starting frequency of 150 times/h at 63% load. In addition, DH-series hoist passed 100% load 200 hrs life test.

    DH-series delivers smooth running over heavy-duty the speed range, low amp. draw and low sound level plus the lightweight and compact design for easy installation. This product lineup is designed specifically for light to heavy duty mobile vehicle crane. It's also suitable for wide range of strict lifting applications.

    The COMEUP DH-Series reflects our commitment to help our customers gain more sales with quality, design, innovation and service that benefit their customers.